Steward Health Care claims Delia deliberately left out key projects


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Tista ‘taqra bil-

Steward Health Care claimed Nationalist MP Adrian Delia deliberately omitted key projects when he criticized the company on Monday.

Former Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia’s failure to recognize key projects and investments made in three former public hospitals now run by Steward Health Care is an attempt to discredit the hard work being done, the US-based company said. United.

Steward also referred to a report on his plans brought to court in proceedings brought against him by the nationalist deputy. He insisted that the report should be evaluated in its entirety and not selectively as has been done.

While still leader of the opposition, Delia initiated legal proceedings to return the three hospitals to the Maltese public.

The company admitted the failure in court – Delia

At the press conference, Delia said a deal was made behind the public’s backs, not only handing over hospitals to the private sector, but also forcing the government to pay the company millions of euros every year. , the sum increasing each year.

Referring to the report, he argued that Steward himself admitted his failure in court, in that instead of using the 300 million euros to improve the service, only 60 million euros have been spent and hardly any improvements were made.

The company insisted the report was presented in court to highlight the significant amount of work being done and the millions of euros being invested to improve hospital service and infrastructure.

Large and smaller projects are crucial in the operation of a hospital, he said.
“It is important to note that this report only reflects work done at the three sites and excludes other capital spent on day-to-day operations which is also the responsibility of the company,” Steward continued.

In a statement, the company mentioned some projects that Delia did not discuss:

Gozo General Hospital Campus (GHG)

  • State-of-the-art Barts and London School of Medicine (QMUL), with an auxiliary anatomy center.
  • Renovation and upgrade of the emergency department, outpatient department, including a new dental clinic, a new laboratory and a new orthopedic department.
  • Technical and engineering improvements such as automatic operating room air conditioning and new medical gas infrastructure, including replacement of the main vacuum plant, medical air plant as well as the medical air plant. primary oxygen which can now provide the hospital with a self-sustaining and continuous supply of oxygen for a period of four to six weeks.

Campus of Karin Grech Hospital (KGH) and St Luke Hospital (SLH)

  • Modernization of the physiotherapy department.
  • Overhaul of the stroke unit.
  • A new Orthosis and Prosthesis Unit (OPU).
  • Investment in hospital transport facilities through a new fleet of vehicles including an emergency response car, patient transport coaches, as well as the introduction of a 24/7 air ambulance service 7 between Malta and Gozo.

COVID-19 related investments

  • Expanding GGH’s capacity by an additional 120 beds, including the ability to modulate up to 25 COVID-19 intensive care beds with a ventilator configuration.
  • The number of ventilators at GGH has grown to an unprecedented 25 units, thanks to Steward’s international supply chain.
  • A new additional 28-bed room with negative pressure and necessary air changes.

Steward Health Care Malta said such projects show the ongoing effort it makes to improve the quality of the services it provides for the benefit of the patients, employees and communities it serves.

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