National chewing gum day highlights iconic chewing gum brands


A day after National Coffee Day, National Chewing Gum Day is here to refresh and tame your caffeine breath.

It might also be the time to reflect on some of the most popular brands of chewing gum from decades past.

Every year, September 30 provides the opportunity to sit back and relax while chewing on some of the most well-known and nostalgic brands of chewing gum of all time: Dubble Bubble, Fruit Stripe, Juicy Fruit and many more. sure Big League Chew are just a few.

The art of chewing gum has been around for thousands of years, with evidence showing that Europeans chew birch bark tar as a way to relieve toothache, according to anthropologist Jennifer P. Mathews, author of “Chicle: The Chewing Gum of the Americas”. It wasn’t until the 20th century, however, that tasteful chewing gum was created by William Wrigley Jr.

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Wrigley was the creator of Juicy Fruit, which is still popular today, with versions offering less sugar and artificial flavors. In 1928, a man named Walter Diemer finally created the chewing gum known as Dubble Bubble. Bubble gum continues to grow with a 44% increase in sales.

Another fan favorite is the Fruit Stripe gum, a fruity tasting option with a zebra as a mascot. It joined the Cool Club in the 1960s when it was invented by James Parker and is now made by the Ferrara Candy Company, according to the Ferrara Candy website.

While it might be harder to find your favorite classic chewing gum these days, they’re still on sale. Big League Chew, for example, was established in 1979 and still earns $ 16 to $ 17 million in revenue each year today, according to Esquire.

“After 40 years, Big League Chew is still America’s most beloved chewing gum,” said Brian Heiser, vice president of sales and marketing at Ford Gum and Machine Co. now sharing the joy with their kids . “

Dubble Bubble and Fruit Stripe are also still sold in stores and online.

Fruit Stripe breaks the 10 second stigma and apparently delivers a longer lasting flavor.

Juicy Fruit is not only historic as the first invented chewing gum, but also the first to be scanned and have the barcode, according to The Chicago Tribune. The barcode was scanned at 8:01 a.m. on June 26, 1974 at a Marsh supermarket in Troy, Ohio, according to the Tribune.

Juicy Fruit reigned supreme in the 1980s with this iconic ad. What’s the best way to prepare to ski? Well, “the taste will move you,” according to Juicy Fruit.

Doublemint is a mint option that has been around since 1914 and invaded the airways in 1987 with the Doublemint Gum Twins ad.

Dubble Bubble is still sold along with many other nostalgic candies like Big Hunk and Charleston Chew bars.

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