Gum infections linked to a higher risk of severe Covid: QU study

Research from the University of Qatar (QU) shows that gum infections can lead to the development of severe Covid-19. While bleeding gums while brushing can be a common factor and taken lightly, gum disease can lead to severe Covid-19 due to many other factors, according to study details published in the latest edition (December 2021) of the research magazine QU. .
The research was led by Dr Nadia Maarout, Associate Consultant at Hamad Dental Center and Dr Faleh Tamimi, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Dental Medicine, QU. Researchers say the strong association between Covid-19 and oral health could be caused by periodontitis causing chronic inflammation that makes patients more susceptible to the severe and dangerous inflammation caused by Covid-19.
Researchers investigated the records of 568 patients who suffered from Covid-19 and found that a significant portion of patients who suffered severe complications from Covid-19 and even death, had advanced periodontitis, a type of chronic inflammation of the gums.
“After adjusting for several factors such as the patient’s age, gender and chronic disease, the link between periodontitis and complications from Covid-19 was statistically significant and it found that patients with periodontitis were at least three times more likely to experience complications from Covid-19 regardless of patient age, sex and other conditions, ”the study said.
Periodontitis is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene and poor maintenance of dental condition, so the study results underscore the importance of maintaining good dental care and regular check-ups of teeth and gums. . Dentists could also play an important role in preventing the progression of gum disease.
The research was highlighted by ‘Nature’, one of the most prestigious scientific journals. In addition, the study was also approved by several prestigious scientific organizations such as the American Academy of Periodontology, the International Association for Dental Research and the European Federation of Periodontology, among others.
The study conducted by Dr Tamimi was shared by several news outlets around the world, including some prominent TV channels and newspapers such as Fox News, The Times, El Pais, ABC news and CBC, among others. .
This article also had one of the highest elevation indices in all of the scientific literature. The altimeter index is an index designed to show the attention and influence of research and indicates how often journal articles are discussed and used around the world. The height index in this article is possibly the highest ever in dentistry and one of the highest in Qatari history.

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