Chairman of Manston Parish Council calls for Albanians to be ‘used’ in Scotland

MANSTON, Kent – The chairman of the local parish council in the English village of Manston – where a former RAF base has been turned into a processing center for illegal immigrants – has suggested young Albanian immigrants be sent to Scotland where they could be ” used” by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The government announced this week that as of 8 a.m. Wednesday, the number of people at the Manston facility had fallen from 4,000 to 1,147.

More than 40,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the Channel this year and when Western Jetfoil’s facility on the docks at Dover grew too small the Home Office took over the former RAF ground at Manston earlier This year. Immigrants are supposed to undergo security and identity checks there before being moved to other accommodation while their asylum applications are processed.

The Home Affairs Committee recently learned from the Home Office’s underground chain threat commander, Dan O’Mahoney, that around 12,000 of the immigrants were from Albania, a country where there is no conflict or major human rights violations.

O’Mahoney said many Albanians were “gaming the system” and fainting into the underground economy to work illegally and send money home.

The Western Jetfoil immigrant processing facility in Dover, Kent, England, on Nov. 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

When asked what to do with immigrants, Guy Wilson, chairman of the Manston Parish Council, told The Epoch Times, “My politically correct answer is that we have a legal duty to look after them, to pamper them, to provide them with accommodation and food. their.”

“But my non-PC answer is that we have a reduced workforce in England and Scotland and many of these young migrants from Albania – those aged 18 to 30 – could hopefully be used, by Nicola Sturgeon. They could enter the labor market. They could obtain work permits to work in Scotland and significantly boost the Scottish economy and productivity. Most migrants are willing to work for next to nothing,” Wilson, 77, said.

Wilson, a tax accountant and property developer, said his family has been in Manston for 85 years, but is perplexed to find the village suddenly in the headlines.

“Manston really grabbed the headlines. It’s incredible. It’s a very small place. Who would have thought it would be in the world news? he thought.

Epoch Times Photo
A memorial sign in the village of Manston, Kent, England, Nov. 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

Manston’s role in countering Nazi invasion plans

Manston’s only previous claim to fame was as the home of a Battle of Britain airfield.

The pilots took off from Manston in their Spitfires and Hurricanes to intercept German bombers heading for the Thames Estuary to bomb London.

Wilson said he remembered his father and uncle telling him about a German bomber crashing into their field after being shot down by anti-aircraft fire near Margate.

“The pilot had taken a pill to kill himself. It was so huge they had to pull it off the plane,” Wilson recalled.

Epoch Times Photo
A memorial to Battle of Britain pilots, outside the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum in Manston, Kent, England, Nov. 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

The RAF’s victory in the Battle of Britain meant that the Nazis’ planned invasion of Britain never happened.

Eighty years later, Home Secretary Suella Braverman has come under fire from Labor MPs after calling the immigrant crisis an “invasion”.

The day after the remarks, the charity Detention Action sent her a letter warning her of legal action if she did not address the “obviously faulty conditions” at Manston.

Detention Action deputy director James Wilson said: ‘We have taken this action out of serious concern for the well-being of thousands of people, including children, who are still being held in Manston for periods well beyond legal limits. . We call on the Home Secretary to declare that anyone held in Manston for more than 24 hours is unlawfully detained.

The main entrance to the Manston Immigrant Processing Center is directly opposite the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum and is where pensioner John Platt was visiting on Wednesday with his wife Barbara.

Platt, who lives 10 miles from Manston, told The Epoch Times, “My view of the migrant situation is that it’s absolutely irrelevant that they come here and expect us to do something about it. topic. I am sensitive to their fate, but not to our way of managing it. I think we are soft to the touch.

He said the immigrant crisis was like someone climbing over his fence and then expecting to be able to camp in his backyard.

Platt said Kent was bearing the brunt of the immigrant crisis due to its geographical position, but he said: “I think we would still have the same opinions even if we lived in Yorkshire. We like to live near the mainland.

“We need them, especially in the construction industry”

His wife said, “I don’t understand why the Albanians come. They pay traffickers dearly to come here, so how can they be economic migrants? We need them, especially in construction, but they need to come here legitimately, within the law.

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A view of hundreds of new homes that have recently been built in Manston, Kent, England, Nov. 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

Britain is suffering from a shortage of skilled labour, particularly in the construction sector, and the government has given local council in Thanet, the area which includes Manston, a target of building 17,000 housing by 2031.

All around Manston new homes are being built and the village may soon become part of an urban sprawl including Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

A new station, Thanet Parkway, is due to open in the spring and will allow people to get to London in just over an hour.

An even bigger change would be the reopening of Manston Airport, which has been closed since 2014.

Epoch Times Photo
The abandoned buildings of Manston Airport in Kent, England, on Nov. 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

In August, then-transportation secretary Grant Shapps granted a development consent order that could see the cargo airport reopen by 2025.

RiverOak Strategic Partners, the company behind the airport project, said it would create 2,150 jobs directly and 13,000 indirectly.

While the future for this corner of Kent might be bright, there is a dark cloud over the present – the seemingly endless influx of illegal immigrants crossing the 20-mile-wide Strait of Dover from France and Belgium .

Wilson said the high numbers coming into October and continuing this week could be due to calm seas and mild weather.

He said: “The sea temperature is 59 to 60 degrees [Fahrenheit], so when the press talks about freezing water, they are wrong. You don’t get hypothermia in these waters. And there’s been very, very calm seas for the past few weeks. »

Epoch Times Photo
A view of the English Channel from Marine Parade in Dover, Kent, England, Nov. 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

Winter weather could reduce the number of immigrants

“But the English Channel does get a bit choppy in the winter and I suspect there will be a lot less by March,” Wilson predicted.

He said: ‘There are about 30 people on these little boats and they’re only 12 inches from the water and it can be quite dangerous. But they gladly accept the danger when they are welcomed by the English and lodged in a four-star hotel.

Wilson pointed to a Telegraph article, which claimed the immigrants were staying at a luxury hotel in Lincolnshire.

Earlier this week, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said it was “not appropriate for us to put asylum seekers in luxury hotels”.

Jenrick also said: ‘It is certainly not mine or the Home Secretary’s intention that Manston should be turned into a permanent site for migrant accommodation.’

Asked about Jenrick’s comments, Wilson said: “Politicians, even nice guys like him, are lying through their teeth and saying it might not be permanent; that doesn’t mean it won’t be around for a few years. If he offered an alternative, that might be a different story, but he didn’t.

Thirty miles from Manston is Ashford, where the Home Office recently reached an agreement to reserve all rooms at a long-term Holiday Inn hotel to house asylum seekers who were due to leave Manston.

Epoch Times Photo
A view of the Holiday Inn where illegal immigrants from Manston are temporarily housed by the Home Office, in Kennington, Ashford, Kent, November 9, 2022. (Chris Summers/The Epoch Times)

Ashford Borough Leader Gerry Clarkson declined to be interviewed by The Epoch Times but provided a statement in which he said, “We have no control over this decision and are extremely angry with the Home Office on how they have handled this situation… All local authority leaders in Kent and Medway are jointly writing to the Secretary of State for the Home Office asking him to stop using the county as a an easy solution to what is a national strategic problem.

On Wednesday, The Epoch Times spoke with an illegal immigrant, named Arben Berisha, near the hotel.

He said: “You think all Albanians are criminals. We are not. We just want to work.

The Epoch Times also contacted Detention Action, but they declined to be interviewed.

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