Adrian Delia “Missed Key Projects and Investments” When Speaking About Hospitals, Steward Says


PN MP and former leader Adrian Delia has been accused of deliberately omitting “key projects and investments” made in recent years at the three hospitals currently managed by Steward Health Care after a controversial concession was awarded.

At a press conference two days ago, Delia presented a report on the projects which was presented by Steward in connection with legal proceedings that Delia has brought against the concession, the former PN chief saying that the report was an example of how Steward had failed to follow through on their obligations and how their concession should be rescinded.

Steward himself, however, hit back at Delia, saying in a statement that “the report must be considered in its entirety and not on a selective basis.”

“Delia’s deliberate act of omitting key projects and investments made over the past several years at all three hospitals does not do justice to the hard work of Steward’s team and its stakeholders,” the company said. .

They said the report was presented in court to demonstrate the significant amount of work and millions of dollars invested by Steward to improve hospital services, infrastructure and equipment.

Steward expressed his belief that “the large-scale, meaningful and more visible projects described below as well as the so-called ‘smaller’ projects cited by Dr Delia are equally important to the management of a hospital” and that the report does not even include other capital and day-to-day operational expenses under Steward’s responsibility.

Steward gave a list of projects that Delia did not mention in her press conference.

Regarding the Gozo General Hospital campus, Steward said that Delia had ruled out, tState of the art Barts and London School of Medicine (QMUL), with an auxiliary anatomy center, emergency department refurbishment and upgrades, outpatient service including a new dental clinic , a new laboratory as well as a new orthopedics department, and technical and engineering improvements such as automatic air conditioning of the operating room and new medical gas infrastructure, including replacement of the main vacuum, the medical air plant as well as the main oxygen plant which can now provide the hospital with a self-contained system and continuous oxygen supply for a period of four to six weeks.

On Karin Grech Hospital and St. Luke Hospital, Steward said that Delia did not mention the physiotherapy department upgrade, stroke unit redesign, new orthotics unit and prosthesis (OPU) and an investment in hospital transport facilities. via a new fleet of vehicles including an emergency response car, patient transport coaches, as well as the introduction of a 24/7 air ambulance service between Malta and Gozo.

The company also said a number of investments related to Covid-19 have been made, including: tExpanding GGH’s capacity by an additional 120 beds, including the ability to modulate up to 25 COVID-19 intensive care beds with a ventilator configuration, the number of ventilators in GGH has increased to an unprecedented 25 units, thanks to Steward’s international supply chain, and a new additional 28-bed room with negative pressure and necessary air changes.

“These accomplishments demonstrate Steward’s continued commitment to improving the quality of its services for the benefit of the patients, staff and communities it serves,” said the company.

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